Why I Hate Nebraska Football


This takes the words right out of my mouth

Hate is a strong word but sometimes it’s a necessary word.

My entire life I’ve been berated, ostracized, and belittled for my venomous attitude towards my home state’s football team. While simply saying, “They suck,” is a pretty good argument in itself, I’m writing this to explain my reasons – some of them deeply personal – as to why I hate the Huskers as an individual that was born and raised in Nebraska.

To start, I can’t remember a time in my life when I cheered for the Cornhuskers. I actually get a large amount of satisfaction from seeing them lose. People accuse me of being a turncoat, but I should let you know that I’m guilty of an equally horrid offense: being a Notre Dame fan.

For everything I say against the Huskers there is an equal amount of hatred that could be directed right back at me for being an Irish fan, but in my opinion, both teams suck equally. I’m not writing this to convince anyone that one team is better than the other.

The logo sucks too

The logo sucks too

The short and simple answer to why I’ve never cheered for Nebraska is that my dad (who played point guard at Creighton FYI NBD) raised me to cheer for Notre Dame. At a young age, I knew nothing better than the Golden Domers and had no reason to cheer for any other team. My dad (the same guy who played point guard for Creighton as stated above) wasn’t from Nebraska, and he had never really given a shit about the Big Red. He, like myself, knew that Nebraska was one of the greatest football programs ever, but just because something is great doesn’t mean that you have to like it.

Yes, I agree it might be odd for me to grow up in Nebraska and never cheer for my “state’s team”, but if I grew up in Germany would you find it odd if I didn’t sympathize with the Nazis (yes, I am comparing the Cornhuskers to the Nazis right now)?

Simply put, I have no connection to the University of Nebraska other than it being located to the southwest of my hometown.

Other reasons for my burning hatred of Nebraska football come back to my childhood and that’s because kids are pretty mean little bastards. As a chubby, pre-pubescent Notre Dame fan I got a lot of flack. I was pushed & shoved and told time and time again that I was cheering for the wrong team. Judging by the hostile behavior of Nebraska fans at that point in my life, I was pretty convinced that I could never cheer for a team with such cruel fans.

I do admit that as I grew older Nebraska fans did treat me  a little better, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that I’ve been belittled my entire life for disliking a college athletic team.

Texas v Nebraska

The seed of hate within me was actually planted by Husker fans themselves, and the incessant bashing I took from young bug-eaters allowed deep roots to flourish in my psyche. From a young age I knew that rooting for the Huskers was simply never going to be an option for me. At this point in my life it’s simply out of spite that I turn my back on this football team.

With all this being said, one last reason why I hate this football team is that they control the entire state of Nebraska. Anywhere you go you’ll see some little piece of memorabilia from the 90’s proclaiming how great the ‘Skers used to be. Now we have an entire state that’s living in the distant past, feeding off nostalgic memories that some current Huskers fans weren’t even old enough to remember in the first place.

Times have changed and it sucks to suck, but you can’t live in the past.


yay Nebraska!

I also don’t find it flattering that people outside of our state view us as a bunch of skull-toothed farmers with a religious devotion to a college football team. In fact, I think Husker football perpetuates a negative stereotype that makes us all look like dumb-fucks.

I wish it would stop, but it won’t because you’re all too far down the gopher hole to see the light. This squad of 20-year-old bros control the entire state, and that’s disheartening.

Needless to say, I’m still proud to be from Nebraska and it will always be my home. It’s the best state in America and I’m quite sure of that. Just don’t call me a turncoat because I don’t root for the same team as you.

Your coach doesn't even love you

Your coach doesn’t love you – don’t forget it

I know everyone hates me but so does your coach,


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