Ripping Off My Students’ Art

This is just a collection of art from my students. I could try to write something fancy here, but what’s the point? My students are the ones doing the storytelling here. Kudos to them.

I apologize in advance for the poor angles on these photographs. I’ve never claimed to be a photographer. And I also felt strange taking pictures of my students’ art. I felt like I was doing something wrong – but was I?  I just tried to take the pictures quickly and then act like I had an itch in my butt or something.

Exhibit A: I asked my middle school students to create their own countries and draw flags to represent their nations. Most of them came up with generic stuff, but here are the highlights. These kids are going places.


I would’ve went with a different color scheme.


Handsome Land. People in our country like to plastic surgery, and use face bag, and have handsome faces.


These kids are my favorites. No questions asked.


Exhibit B: These were all art projects from my middle school. I had nothing to do with these. I just walked down the hall and took pictures. So yeah – I ripped ’em off. Ain’t it a shame? But aren’t you glad now?


Hindu Martha Stewart collecting mushrooms in a swamp or something. Featuring an -inny belly button. Smart choice.



Classic but original. This kid understands culture. And the shadowing is nothing to scoff at. But the leaf on the iPhone apple logo actually points to the right, not the left. Lacks realism I suppose. Still decent.



Not sure, but I’m picking up what this kid is putting down. Everyone is crazy in their own way.



I could see myself gingerly sipping coffee in a quiet apartment on a Saturday morning, fighting a bad hangover, standing with legs crossed, trying to decode this one.



DMT at your Uncle’s farm in early spring before your he starts making jokes about what you ate last night.



This kid obviously has a lot of choices to make in life. But don’t we all? I like the truth on display here. We’re all just a bunch of really sad, self-doubting eggs.


Exhibit C: The students finished a lesson early one day, so I went around and told them to draw me. Yes, I’m that vain.


I DO NOT have blue eyes.



My nose is much larger than what she drew. A for effort. I still look handsome.



Looks like I’m about to open a can of whupass.


Exhibit D: Random stuff that I thought was funny


Felt bad when I had to erase this one before class at my high school. They even colored in the nipples.



Comic strip about Saran-wrapping a toilet. The reaction at the end is really what sold me. Such a humanistic piece here. Totally feel for this guy.



Korean students understand memes. I tried to find this kid in order to put in an offer, but then I remembered that Harambe can’t be bought and sold like that.



I got to engrave some pottery with my middle school students. This was my attempt. Not gonna lie, I think it’s pretty dank.



Everyone else drew flowers, but this student went a little more abstract I suppose… Quite dark and mysterious, but I like it. At the very least, it has a visual impact.



The PE teacher made this one. I think it might be a character from the Simpsons. I dig the minimalist aesthetic.



This is pretty much it. Thanks for peering into the souls of my students.

What a journey we have taken together.


I’m sorry to end it here,


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